How to Choose the Right Sleeper Sofa For You

Comfort and convenience always go hand in hand. As the inventions are taking over the world, there are many new technologies which intrigue over eyes and minds. One such great invention is a sleeper sofa. Have you ever come across this furniture while shopping in a mall? Or has the existence of a sleeper sofa at any of your friend’s place caught your mind? Then you know that a sleeper sofa is desperately needed at your home.


But before you purchase one of this furniture, there are few things that need to be thought over. A space-saving solution is a great invention however, its necessity totally depends on the type of the house you own, the space of the house, number of family members, your requirements and desires. So, read below a few points which might assist you in choosing the right sleeper sofa for your happy place!


Let's first understand what the different types of sleeper sofa are?


You will be amazed to know that a sleeper sofa is of four types. Mostly, they all look similar but the mechanism of each differ. So, let’s briefly understand each of the types.




One of the most basic sleeper sofa models, a futon has a metal or wooden frame with a single mattress on top. And very easily, when the mattress is folded up, it creates the back and front of the sofa. It is comfortable as a bed and is somewhat an unforgiving seat.





This is also a great invention but for places which might not be regularly used. The daybed has a single mattress that sits in a frame to give you the look of a sofa. However, the frame lacks the cushioning and comfort of a standard sofa.


Standard Foldouts: Sleeper Sofa


This is one of the most famous and easily remembered sleeper sofa. The mattress is supported by thick, canvas-like fabric secured by springs on both sides. These types of sofa come in options like all innerspring, all-foam or innerspring with air topper. Even though they are convertible furniture, it captures more space comparatively. But it adds up to the beauty of your home.



Pullout Pop-Ups


This is the second and most popular models of the sleeper sofa that you might have come across at least one till date. In this, a mattress at the bottom can be pulled out from under the sofa. This quickly turns into a twin bed. Or you can pop the mattress below, to turn it into a single bed, too.



Now that you know the different types of sofa which are available, let’s help you understand the criteria to consider before buying any of the above sleeper sofa types!


  • Space: Space is a big concern when you are planning to purchase any furniture. Even though the space-saving technology is easy but, we must never forget the fact that the furniture would be in its true self for most of the time until it is converted. Therefore, you must always analyze the furniture dimensions to the space available in your house.

  • The Budget: Budget falls under the major points which are always considered by any household. Of course, when you are planning to buy furniture or anything which costs huge, you go over the pros and cons of the product repetitively. Space-saving solutions are great but due to their newness in the market, they are sold a little costlier than normal furniture. Of course, because of the mechanisms involved! However, if you are all ready to proceed further, then research to the core as per your requirement and then move further.

  • The Frequency: Any furniture that you buy, has its own frequency of use. Not every furniture that you own will be used every day and vice versa. Therefore, it matters a lot while deciding that ‘How many times a day or for how long will I use this furniture?’. Now, if you realize that furniture is not of your great use then you can rather choose space-saving solutions over individual furniture. This way you can save space and also own dual furniture.

  • The Urgency: You probably need a sleeper sofa because either you are attracted to its technology or you own a compact house. Whatever is your reason for a purchase, always remember that furniture never comes easy. Let be space-saving furniture or individual furniture, everything needs time and money to be invested. Hence, always consider the urgency of getting furniture, after which research and compare.

  • The Area or Room: When the furniture is bought, it suffices or fixes in a place of a certain room. Every furniture completes a necessity. Therefore, it is very important for the buyer to think and rethink on the purpose of furniture that he/she is planning to have. You cannot buy a space-saving solution for your bedroom and place it in the living room, ever! You need to justify the purpose of furniture and therefore, decide that for which room or area furniture is required.

  • The Firmness Level: When you are buying a furniture which involves a foam, the main thing you need to question yourself is that ‘How firm do you need the foam to be?’. You need to judge furniture depending on the firmness level and scale. There are mainly 3 levels,
    1. Soft: 3-5/10
    2. Medium: 6-7/10
    3. Firm: 7-9/10


These criteria are the basic of any buying decision. Furniture is costly, but you should always prioritize quality over price. Furniture is mostly a one-time investment and if the decision turns wrong, there is no going back. Try to use multi-functional space-saving technologies always. Measure, research and buy!


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