Collapsible Storage Bins: A One-Stop Solution to Store Your Shopping Needs

You are back from the grocery store looking like a plastic-bag hanger! You have finished shopping but the trunk of the car is stacked to the roof so you collect as many as you can at a time to avoid climbing up and down the stairs over and over. Most often, you end up leaving behind a trail of essentials in a bid to get everything inside in one piece.

Does that sound like you every single time? That was a description of just one among many reasons you’re looking for an innovative, convenient, and efficient solution to storing and transporting multiple essentials at a time. Introducing to you the OrganizeMe collapsible storage bins! At the outset, let’s first look at other potential applications.


Daily chore relevance

Looking for an ergonomic way to transport laundry, our collapsible storage basket is your go-to equipment. Dump all your laundry into this collapsible storage basket and grab the handles for your convenience. No more awkward body postures.

For all the women out there, we get the frustration that arises from components of your self-care kit being scattered all over the place. Not anymore! This spacious collapsible storage basket can accommodate a good number of lotions, creams, and more.

Is your gardening apron full and overflowing with the regular gardening equipment? Then our folding basket is what you’ve been missing all along. Once you’re done, clean it with a wet cloth, fold it, and put it back in your garage where it will occupy the least amount of space.

We can’t afford to ignore your under-the-sink space. It’s the dreaded spot that gets cluttered the easiest. That’s why our collapsible storage bins become a necessity. With this bin, your detergents, bleach, toilet paper, etc are comfortably packed in order to give you the stress-free life you deserve!

These are just some examples. From organizing your kid’s art and craft materials to your car trunk space, the usability of our small collapsible storage basket is only limited by your imagination.


How to use Collapsible storage bins?

This collapsible storage bins comes with an ingenious design to provide you with the best storage and transport option in the same product.

When you need to use the folding basket, simply tug at the handles and put pressure on the corners to secure the shape of the basket. One simple tug is all it takes.

Once you’re done using it, push the sides of the basket in and let it zig-zag down flat. There you go, a folding basket whose usage and storage are hassle-free.


Features of Collapsible Storage Bins:

When you think of transport and storage equipment, one of the first concerns is how heavy they will be. You will be pleasantly surprised to know that our baskets weigh only two lbs.

You read that right! Now you’re probably wondering how much weight they can carry if they’re so light?

These collapsible storage bins are made of plastic which makes them sturdy and durable in addition to being lightweight.

However, make no mistake with this collapsible storage basket’s ability to carry up to 20 times its own weight. Each basket can hold up to 22 lbs of goods in it.
Hand injuries are common with poorly designed handles especially when they are required to carry a heavy load. These collapsible storage baskets are ergonomically designed to prevent any hand injuries while in use.

Engraved into the handles are well-thought-out and safe grooves for the fingers to fit themselves into the plastic architecture. These grooves enable an incredibly easy grasp which is not only convenient but also safe on the fingers.
Contrary to its first impression, this folding basket is quite spacious and can carry a lot more than what seems plausible to the eye.

In fact, in a small experiment conducted to test its storage capacity, all the contents of a commonly used large laundry basket could be conveniently and efficiently placed into this collapsible storage Bins.



It’s no wonder if you look at the dimensions of this folding basket. It’s 17.5 X 12 X 9.5 inches when fully pulled up. That gives you a lot of room to store a variety of items. You can pack all your groceries directly in them and walk out that store without the hassle that accompanies plastic bags.

Let’s be real, having to allocate space or worry about storing our storage equipment is really the last thing that should be on anyone’s mind. This is why the collapsibility feature of our collapsible storage bins remains its biggest highlight.

All you have to do is slap the sides of the basket inward and there you have it- your incredibly spacious basket reduced to a three-inch slab that can be stocked away later for further use–three inches! That is all the space it needs. Even the handle folds down evenly to make room for these folding baskets to be easily stacked upon each other.

Another tiny detail that you probably missed out on was the side handle. In addition to the pull-up handles, these collapsible storage bins come with a regular side handle that enables you to change the way you carry the basket should such a situation arise.

This allows for both a one-handed as well as a two-handed grip facility. This multi-functionality feature makes this basket an incredibly useful tool to have.
With products such as these small collapsible storage bins that are guaranteed a long life, cleaning and maintenance can sometimes be a concerning factor.


Materials used:

However, the plastic material used to manufacture these baskets is incredibly easy to clean. Rinse under tap water and air dry or simply wipe thoroughly with a moist cloth.

Yet another feature that can be ignored in the design of the entire basket is to improve aeration and enable you to see right through to what the basket is holding.

This is a great time-saving solution so your kids don’t have to empty out the entire basket while looking for their crayons. They can just take a peek and quickly pick up what they need.

As if all this were not enough it comes in three attractive colors–teal, lavender, and grey. Grab ahold of these collapsible storage bins and the stress-free life that comes along with it!

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