Getting Organized Now Made Easy with Our Collapsible Storage Ottoman

      Whether there always seems to be toys sprawled across your floor or magazines littering your coffee table, we all can agree that it is far too easy for our homes to fall victim to visual clutter. Luckily, there exist pieces of furniture that are multifunctional and can help keep your interior decor at its best. One such is our collapsible storage ottoman. Not only is our storage ottoman great at stashing away odds and ends, but it also provides extra table space, more seating, and tons of additional style. It can even double as a coffee table! We at Organizeme have designed and scoped the best ottomans for your style and budget.


How is it used?

Our ottoman is the most used and multi-functional furniture piece in our homes. And we all know that it's our favorite furniture. From extra sofas to storage places to stools to footstools these Ottomans never stop adding value to our homes. After you buy one you really cannot imagine your home without one of these we guarantee. The package includes a padded lid that carefully holds the collapsible base and square solid rest that stands as a foundation for the ottoman.

The base of the ottoman opens up to form a cube-like structure, the square foundation is placed within the cube to hold the piece together and the cushioned lid is placed over the cube structure. You now have yourself an ottoman. Need to declutter because guests are coming over? No, you don’t need Marie Kondo, you just need our collapsible storage ottoman to declutter.

Why choose us?

When we talk about multi-purpose one of the best things about an ottoman is that it can typically be moved easily and used as a side table. But if you want to make it even more versatile, choose our ottoman with a lid that lifts off for storage.

This is ideal in a family room for magazines, books, and games, in a hallway for gloves and scarves, and in a bedroom for extra blankets, bed, and pillow covers. Apart from the above-said specifications here are additional reasons for you to buy our ottoman.

Excellent solution for extra seating anywhere in your house

Multipurpose Storage Ottoman

Did friends and family surprise you on your birthday at your doorstep? Oh no! You must be wondering how to accommodate them in your lounge. Our collapsible storage ottoman which is also an excellent storage solution also switches roles as additional seating anywhere in the house—any time you need it. It serves as a stool anywhere you want. If you’re hosting a barbeque party in the backyard this portable and collapsible storage ottoman serves the seating purpose even then.


Serves as a comfy footrest - Collapsible Storage Ottoman

You have had a long hard day at work and the traffic you had to deal with will just wear your legs out. All you can think of right now is to kick back and watch your favorite game. Our collapsible storage ottoman is your perfect chill-buddy that serves as a comfortable footrest right when you need it. Kick back into your couch and rest those hard-working feet that get you places on time with our ottoman.

The comfortable padded Lid

Can storage ottomans be comfortable stools? Yes, they can! The lids of the ottoman are cushioned and covered with leather. Also known as the padded lip, the comfy lid is known to provide comfort when you sit. The fashionable leather covering allows it to blend in with your home décor and enhances the overall outlook of your home. The leather covering is very easy to clean and gives a posh look.

Effective storage solution

Our multi-functional collapsible storage ottoman that doubles as a stool and storage space--can hold toys, books, magazines, and more. People wouldn’t know that the ottoman stores a variety of articles unless you tell them. You can even hide Christmas presents without your family’s knowledge. Your Christmas secret is safe with us.

Collapses when not in use

The square collapsible storage ottoman collapses down to just 2″H when not in use. Do you know what that means? Of course, you do, you can put it away when you don’t need it. What’s even better you can take it with you camping because it’s light and serves as a seat, footrest, and a mini storage unit while camping.

Weight capacity

After having spoken so much about this storage unit, we are here to tell you how much it can hold. Our collapsible storage unit can hold up to 300 pounds. That is quite a lot and it proves to be a piece of valuable furniture that you will love to have in a compact house.

The ultimate multi-purpose solution, our collapsible storage ottoman serves a plethora of purposes. It is a seat, a storage receptacle, a leg rest and a temporary coffee table all rolled into one perfect piece of furniture. Now imagine if you had to buy each of those furniture items separately, do you know how much that would cost you?

This is a piece of furniture that will blend in with any room in your house, not just the sitting room. In the bedroom, the collapsible storage ottoman is leveraged in the form of a blanket box at the foot of the beds.

And it’s not unusual to use one in a child’s room as a handy toy box. With a storage capacity, this collapsible storage ottoman can help save space at home like no other. Another important aspect that we so often overlook regarding the collapsible storage ottoman in decorating–is its huge decor impact.

It is savvy and stylish just like you and adds not just flavor to the overall look of your home, but the value to your space. What’s even better is that because it’s smaller, it’s typically less expensive and a great place to experiment. Start experimenting, don't wait!

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