27 Elegant Living Room Furnishing and Decor Ideas

Living room decor is far from easy because there is as much as possible in setting up the living room. You can go in all directions with the décor, many of us don’t have the luxury of a large living room, but that doesn’t mean we can’t decorate our little living room. There are many factors involved in a living room decor so that space can be used and experienced optimally. We are happy to give you a number of steps to guide you in setting up your furniture in the living room.

Living room decoration


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Set up a small living room? Make the most of your space


The optimal design of your living room is different for everyone but there are a number of basic rules that you can always apply and that will make your small living room look and feel more spacious.


Living Room Decor Tip #1 Group Stuff


Do you have a lot of stuff you’d like to have in the living room? Then we advise you to group it. Instead of everything throughout the entire living room, the stuff in one place together. This example shows how you can create a wall full of frames, art, lighting, and photos without it getting too crowded.


Living Room Design Tip #2 Keep the interior light and airy


Don’t make the small living room too dark but keep the interior light and airy. You do this by using light colors but also light materials and fabrics. Airy is created by using not too robust furniture that exudes a slim and soothing atmosphere. It is not a bad thing if cabinets and tables are less noticeable, in this way the interior seems larger.


Living Room Decor Tip #3 Take one eye-catcher in the small living room


Don’t choose five different eye-catchers but choose one striking item in your living room. For example, a bright yellow Leen Bakker bank. With colors and decorations, you can ‘accommodate’ the sofa so that it fits into the atmosphere.


Living Room Decor Tip #4 Make small areas in the living room



Would you like a dining area, a sitting area, a reading area, and a working area in the small living room? Then you’re going to have to create areas. For example, you do this by indicating an area with a rug. This indicates that it’s about the seating area. Place a different kind of rug under the dining area, creating real areas in the small living room. Again, make sure that you do not choose an overprint or too striking rug.


Living Room Decor Tip #5 Use the floor


The floor area is an important element in a small living room. When using the wrong color or material, it can make the space look much smaller. One of the basic rules is to use almost the same color floor that is also used on the walls. In this way, space forms a whole and furniture will seem to float in the living room.


Living Room Decor Tip #6 Less is more


Well, it’s really true. You don’t need much to make a statement. To find out what’s really possible, what you don’t use, or what’s really getting in the way. You can do that from the small living room!


Living Room Space Design Tip #7 Combine New Year’s Eve


A sleek interior can also be created in an old building. The interaction of old and new is a beautiful contrast that is very difficult to create in a new home. Make use of the old elements of the property and set it up with new design furniture to create a sleek interior. You can also combine old furniture with a new design!


Living Room Decor Tip #8 Use contrasting colors


To make your interior look even tighter, it’s best to use a contrasting color. Usually, a dark color such as blue or black works best to contrast in the living room. You can bring those colors back by placing an industrial lamp, a vase, or a slim design chair.


Living Room Decor Tip #9 Interior Decor


A sleek interior often has only the necessary standing in the living room. Unnecessary items are stored in dense cabinets or thrown away to create more space. Think for yourself what you really need and what you might miss.


Living Room Decor Tip #10 Eco-friendly


It is often thought that in a tight interior no plants belong because plants could be messy. Fortunately, this is not true because you can also buy plants that enhance your design furniture and sleek interior. In addition, they don’t even have to be big plants. Choose some of the same plants that you can place together in a group or that can stand nicely in one row. It is desirable to have something green reflected in the interior of the living room.


Living Room Space Decor Tip #11 Floor and wall finishes


A sleek interior can also be well combined with a white-painted brick wall or various floor finishes. Floors are often tight and chilly, and especially during winter, this can feel cold. To give your clean floor a warm atmosphere, rugs and warm coats are also used.


Living Room Decor Tip #12 Color in a sleek interior


Adding color in a sleek interior is definitely a good tip. Shades of grey, black and white can sometimes feel chilly, and then it is desirable to add a warm or bright tan as furniture or decoration. This also makes the object an eye-catcher in the interior.


Living Room Decor Tip #13 Use industrial lamps


Nowadays, old industrial lamps are increasingly being used. Some have been around for years and are being refurbished, and others are being reproduced by designers. Either way, an industrial lamp is a must in a sleek interior.


Living Room Decor Tip #14 Lighting and natural light


Natural light is an important aspect of a sleek interior. The more light, the more spaciousness. If there’s little natural light invading your living room, you can use artificial lighting, reflective materials, and light colors that reflect the light.


Living Room Decor Tip #15 Using warm and natural materials


In a sleek interior, natural materials such as wood can also be used. Instead of robust and unfinished wood, use finer and quality wood that is well finished. This way you give your sleek interior more warmth and atmosphere.


How do you make sure you can decorate your cozy living room?


Your living room is the space of your home where you have to make it as cozy as possible. Not only for yourself but also for friends and family who come along. Relax together in your cozy living room. The living room requires different atmospheres during the summer and winter months. In summer it may feel wonderfully light and airy but in winter you want to have it warm and cozy.


Ideas For a Modern Living Room Decor


Ideas For a Modern Living Room



If you want to fully extend the modern atmosphere, you can also opt for a minimalist interior.


Ideas For a Modern Living Room



Window Decoration In a Modern Living Room


In a modern interior, you can opt for different types of window decorations. If you like the warm look of curtains, it’s best to choose natural fabrics such as linen and cotton.


Window Decoration In a Modern Living Room



Living Room Floor Ideas


There are a lot of options for a floor in a modern interior. Opt especially for smooth, neutral, spacious and timeless. To contribute to the openness of a modern living room, let the floor go through the dining room, kitchen, and hallway. Concrete floors are hugely popular in contemporary homes thanks to their robust and seamless character. Sometimes joints are also cut into concrete floors so that it looks like you have laid giant tiles.

In a modern interior, there is also often an opt-for for casting floors. Thanks to the extensive color palette, you can fully customize a casting floor to suit your personal taste. Other options include large ceramic tiles or parquet that contrasts nicely with the sleek furniture or in combination with a casting floor. To make your floor perfectly overflow into the walls, you can use sunken skirting boards.


Living Room Floor Ideas


Living Room Furniture Ideas


It is something that is often overlooked but also with the wall finish you can give a modern feeling to your living room. It is best to choose a neutral shade for the predominant color, such as white or grey. You can always choose to have an accent wall to integrate some color into the living room. In addition to paints, there are also a number of other options. Finishing your walls or ceiling with untreated concrete creates a modern atmosphere.


Living Room Furniture Ideas


Furniture & Decoration For a Modern Living Room


In a modern interior, you can experiment with designing furniture and design objects. Please note that in a modern living room you do not use unnecessary decorative decorations. If you still want to integrate accessories, you should choose objects made of glass, plastic, or wood.


Built-in cabinets are the piece of furniture par excellence for a modern interior. If you also want to place cabinets in your living room for extra storage space, you should opt for wall-to-wall cabinets. In this way, the clean lines of the modern living room are not interrupted. A black built-in cabinet provides an extra powerful touch in the living room.


Furniture & Decoration For a Modern Living Room


You can finish your modern interior with designer furniture. They form an eye-catcher and provide a stylish décor. Well-known designers for tables, chairs, seats, and lamps are Charles & Ray Eames, Marcel Breuer, Mies van der Rohe, and Maarten van Severen,… Of course, you can also go to most furniture stores for ‘affordable design’.


Furniture & Decoration For a Modern Living Room



To extend the clean shapes and simple lines, you can choose custom furniture. You can have both your coffee table and tv furniture custom-made so that they fit perfectly into your interior and contribute to the modern décor. The above photo is a nice example of a modern interior where the white, sleek furniture contrasts with the warm parquet.


Living room wall decor



If you want to make your personal library an eye-catcher earlier, you can possibly opt for a custom bookcase. In this way, you can choose a material that fits perfectly with the modern atmosphere. In the picture above you can see a nice example of a bookcase in thin, white steel.


Inspiration and Ideas for a Cozy Living Room


For example, a corner sofa already creates a cozy and cozy feel in your living room. Because you can sit with friends and family together, the corner sofa becomes the furniture in your living room that you will make the most use of.


During the winter months, use mood candles placed together in groups to create more coziness. Also, poufs, ornamental cushions, and blankets can make your living room look much cozier and cozier in the cold winter months. A chaise longue or a large poof for the sofa makes the movie nights even more comfortable. Decorate your poof with a nice plaid of wool or some other warm fabric in the colors of your interior.


Making your living room more cozy can also be done very easily by using one. Choose a lovely soft and warm rug for the lounge area so you’ll never have cold feet in summer and winter.


Mood lighting is also an important element in the interior of your living room decor. Especially during the winter months, it is important that you use warm light instead of white and cold light.


Natural materials and accessories give a cozy and warm atmosphere. Wicker baskets, plants in terrariums, wooden decorations, and flowers give your living room a cozy look that living room should not miss.


Dress your living room with personal accessories and items such as books, souvenirs, heirlooms, and colorful accessories to create more coziness.


Use sharp and straight lines in the interior of your living room decor. Check out your current interior and think for yourself which lines could judge. For example; the dining room chairs, the table, accessories, materials, and much more. Furniture with a roundness is often not tight enough but try to be to right angles and lines.


We welcome guests there, relax there after a busy day and even use them as a desk and dining area. In order to give all these activities a place, a logical and practical classification should certainly not be missed. On the basis of the next step plan, you make every living room decor a well-thought-out and multipurpose space.


#1 Use Wall Space


In small spaces, it’s always a good idea to work vertically instead of horizontally. You can use the walls in your small living room perfectly as storage. Think, for example, of narrow high cabinets made of a thin frame or transparent material that makes the cabinet look slimmer. Or box boxes that you attach to the wall.


If you would like to increase the space optically, you can use mirrors. A mirror will optically enlarge your living room more than a number of small mirrors in a group together. Also, a poster wall can make the feeling that the wall is endless, especially if you place them a little higher.


#2 Put emphasis on the height


Using the height in your small living room is definitely a must. For example, you can make the small living room look higher by placing a narrow closet against the wall. Wide cabinets will make space appear lower. If your living room has a high height, you can use it the most by applying vertical lines to it. For example, curtains from ceiling to floor give a spatial feel, or painting colored pathways on the walls will enhance the vertical effect.


#3 Living Room Furniture


Maybe your intuition says to use as much small furniture as possible in a small living room, but this is not entirely true. It works much more spatially if you use larger pieces of furniture. Think, for example, of a large corner sofa or a work of art on the wall instead of several. It’s best to keep cabinets and other storage options as small and slim as possible.

Large and robust furniture will make your living room look smaller. On the other hand, it works very well to make use of light materials such as metal, glass, and light colors.


Light colors can make your living room decor even better come to the fore
Not only is it a great advantage to get a lot of natural light into your living room, but the light colors you use in your interior will also only reinforce this. Dark colors absorb light and reflect light colors. So if you get a ray of sun in the afternoon, the light walls and furniture will reinforce this even more.


10 tips for creating a soothing interior


1. Use earth tones. Natural colors in soft tones such as grey, beige and white give the atmosphere calm and calm.


2. Place soft materials on the floor. This increases the feeling of comfort in your living room.


3. Choose natural and light fabrics for your living room decor.


4. Try to let daylight enter your living room in a gentle way and do not use bright lamps.


5. Place simple furniture with not too many details. Rest in materials and details is the most important of the living room.


6. Make as little use as possible of decorations and ornaments.


7. Place deliciously scented sticks, incense, or scented candles in your living room to activate your smell.


8. Try to hide as much electrical equipment as possible or place it elsewhere.


9. Place some nice large plants in your living room for more oxygen and a calming effect.


10. Clean up your messes and make sure there’s as little stuff around in your living room as possible.


If you follow these basic tips you will notice that you will relax much more in your own living room after a long day’s work.

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