2 Pack Miscellaneous Bamboo Drawer Organizer organizemeusad2c
2 Pack Miscellaneous Bamboo Drawer Organizer organizemeusad2c
2 Pack Miscellaneous Bamboo Drawer Organizer organizemeusad2c
2 Pack Miscellaneous Bamboo Drawer Organizer organizemeusad2c

2 Pack Miscellaneous Bamboo Drawer Organizer

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Always lay in order and in all the space you’ll want with the OrganizeMe Miscellaneous Bamboo Drawer Organizer. This drawer is made entirely of material bamboo wood and is more durable than normal wood, it is equipped with 15 excellent compartments to arrange everything you need. The OrganizeMe miscellaneous drawer organizer is adjustable.

This allows it to fit well into your drawer, as well as providing you with an additional compartment. Great for fixing other accessories and tools. From the size and extensibility, this miscellaneous bamboo drawer organizer is a high-quality accessory that makes your home and office more functional allowing you to keep everything in great order and always at hand. 


Get 2 for twice the organization.  For extra-wide drawers, place them side by side. For standard drawers, separate them or split them for different organizational needs for anything from the home, office, bathroom, bedroom, or closet. Features up to 15 compartments per tray.  As functional in drawer use, it is on top of a countertop, dresser, cabinet, or closet shelf. 


Great for home and office to organize and divide up your paper clips, staples, rubber bands, business cards, sticky notes, whiteout rollers, and so on. Also great for that “junk” drawer we all have in our kitchen.  Make your miscellaneous drawer stress free and functional by dividing your magnets, keys, coupons, loose change, batteries, and whatever else you like to store in your drawer.  Made of Bamboo wood that is both eco and health-friendly. Easy to clean with no sharp edges. Attractive natural bamboo finish compliments inside of any drawer, cabinet, shelf, desktop, or dresser. 

Bamboo Drawer Organiser - 2 Pack



Why OrganizeMe Bamboo Drawer Organiser?


Features and Applications— Bamboo Drawer Organizer

A Clean and Tidy Miscellaneous Drawer Organizer Makes It Easier: 

The OrganizeMe miscellaneous tray is designed with 15 compartments to organize your cutler or other things in an easier way. It saves you space in your home and also allows you to have the office clean and tidy. 

Extensible to Fit Most Drawers: 

It is easily adjustable to fit most drawer sizes. it has 15 compartments, which provide even more space for your tools. More space means more items you can store. 

Perfect value for the price: 

Your satisfaction is always our priority. This tray is made of a naturally durable, very strong, and scratch-resistant bamboo drawer organizer. 

Durable and versatile: 

This drawer is not only limited to use in the home but can also be used as a drawer organizer or for other objects such as jewelry, office stationery, cosmetics, art items, personal accessories, and much more. 

What’s in the Box?

  • Pack of 2 Miscellaneous Bamboo Drawer Organizer.